Bringing The Passion Of Music To Your Closet

Luca Draccar

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Most people express a preference for listening to music while traveling, these proofs build up our stand seamlessly, confirming how for all intents and purposes music, travel and hospitality are linked. There is something to be said about the emotional impact of getting in your car, rolling the windows up and blasting your desired music while driving down the highway, just you and the music. The soothing power of music!

Other than that, the influence some music and genres play in your life cannot be measured. Some music brings back memories and take you to a time in your past where you heard that song and you liken it with a certain experience and friends you were with as at the time. Music always teaches individuals to know their worth, to be thankful always, to be authentic and to always embrace the journey one finds him or herself in life. Luca Draccar’s music is one you would always love to listen to, why not give it a trial!

Since it has been agreed that listening to music is essential in people’s lives and it is a way to bond and share emotions. Luca Draccar announces his music album release, which is one out of many others that has been released.

Luca Draccar, from Italy but based in Germany, Berlin, is a top ranked DJ, devoted to shining techno and dark exotic rhythms, Tech House producer, and a songwriter. A respected professional and a master in his field. Luca Draccar’s interest for music, technology and innovations rise and developed at a very young and tender age. There is something about Luca Draccar that is inexpressibly different, with his newest project, he has learned what most musicians spend days working for. Luca Draccar’s music is a feel-good music that meets vital social needs.

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