Check Out The Flamboyant by Luca Draccar


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Based out of Berlin, the Italian composer, producer, and DJ, Luca Draccar serves up another plate delicious grooves upon the release of his new EP Flamboyant. This 3-track jewel is imbued with transcendent melodic elements and a distinct liquid groove. 


Flamboyant opens with a smooth, but hard-hitting track entitled Birba. Its nostalgic electro-melodic best and otherworldly keyboard measures literally transports the listener into a new reality of oceanic cadences and audible canals. Luca keeps the intensity of Birba afloat by introducing layers of melodies like characters in a novel. Birba is a very telling composition to say the least. 

Flamboyant continues to unravel amid its aural tapestry with the next track called Every Exit Is An Entrance. Luca keeps up the EP’s intrigue with a hazy landscape of musical elements that touch upon the walls of industrial, electronica, synth-pop, and trance. Amazingly, Every Exit Is An Entrance ingeniously transforms itself like a snake shedding its skin through the deep rivers of indulgence. 

Flamboyant draws to an end with a euphoric selection called Never Settle. Luca goes all out on this production and is able to introduce his audience to trance music’s rainforest. Never Settle keeps us in stride and puts the listener behind the wheel of an compelling musical safari that appears to be endless. 

Luca Draccar is successful in completely reinventing his sound for a new phase of life that the world must embrace. Flamboyant not only speaks to our inner desires but gives us a virtual space where we can fulfill them, and this is the meaning of electronic dance music according to the artist


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