Introducing a new EDM rising star: Toni Costanzi

Even with his recently black shaggy beard and moppy black trendy hair, Toni Costanzi is the kind of guy you’d want to take home to your mother because you know she’d approve. He is incredibly polite and speaks with an occasional yet endearing stutter. He can recite back all the positive feedback he’s received from other DJ’s about his biggest hit, “Lies”. But who can blame him?  After all, things are going really well for the young 26-year old Italian producer!

Toni Costanzi is back with another amazing release. After recently dropping his latest hit with strong and purely club sounds “Bomboclvt”, the Italian producer/DJ goes back to a more emotional, piano-based sound with “Lies”, that still has a light summery feel to it. You’ll want to add this one to your playlist, regardless of the occasion. The track opens up with some light synth plucks before light hi-hats come in. The singer takes us on a journey with her vocals from there. As we get towards the drop/chorus the piano elements come in and give the track a nice emotional touch.

This is definitely one of those tracks you can just close your eyes and become lost in the beat. Although Toni Costanzi had accustomed us to his strong and decisive sounds, with violent and energetic drops, we remain entranced by his last song, much more emotional and melodic. The artist, in fact, ranges a lot between various musical genres, surprising his fans more and more. We recommend that you keep an eye on this young artist as, from what we are seeing, he could establish himself more and more in the EDM scene, as his talent and humility are reaching the hearts of many admirers around the world. We are therefore waiting to find out if this artist will be able to ride the crest of the wave as he is already doing, winning his third world recognition, in case his next single also enters the Beatport charts. For the moment we hope that he can enjoy this magical moment, working on the next projects with serenity and concentration, 

the world of EDM has its eyes on him, hoping he will not disappoint the expectations of fans and the big names in the sector!


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